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Web Design - Entrepreneur's Journey

an entrepreneurs journey 

You must have heard it being said before, Except you be converted, and become as little children, you shall not enter into the kingdom of heaven. Well, being and entrepreneur in web design, and the entrepreneurial business journey, entrepreneurs are on, are very similar to going from childhood to adulthood. Children believe everything, trust everything, too them, everything is happening for the first time, its a very beautiful time of life, its when starting web design the wonderful discoveries, the celebrations and yes, even the mistakes to a child, it’s all-new. To an entrepreneur, when you open your doors to do business, every breakthrough, every article you read, even the meetings you go to, will feel like an opportunity and every offer you get will seem to be helpful.

Just like web design as children grow it doesn’t take long for them to learn the difference between true and false, they soon learn the difference between good and bad intentions, this happens over time as the child grows and experiences disappointments and unfulfilled expectations by the people around them. This is very similar to an entrepreneur's journey, the first time a client did not pay, a business partner took your ideas and ran off with them, leaving you out of the picture, the web design that didn't paid for?

At that point in the journey, entrepreneurs and children have to make a choice, it’s very easy to lose faith in your business and adopt the attitude of do onto others, before they do to you, some may even go so far, and to say that's the way business works, those entrepreneurs end up going for the quick personal gain and superficiality, saying exactly what people want to hear, and always end up falling short of expectations, instead of focusing providing value and building their business, and turning their business into a passion.

These are options we face every day, but that does not mean that is the only way to do business or that is how every business in the world functions, there are alternatives, we can choose to work with genuine good-hearted entrepreneurs who are able to share openly what they think without any hidden agenda. It’s my belief that any work we do, we should truly care about, what we do and who we do it for, following up even if those hours were not paid for, taking actions that benefit people and help them to build their dreams, where’s the benefit in that, you may ask? Imagine what it would mean to my business, if with my guidance and partnership your project becomes the next big thing, it floated on the stock market and earning a cool £10 million per year. This is what I call the New Entrepreneur - a person who believes in cooperation, partnerships, and trust. A person who does business for the good of people (not just money) in order to promote sustainable growth. So how can we help you to grow your business? Contact us to find out