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It’s time to get real

We see website owners, big and small, trying to cover the whole World with their promotion. Without realising it, they are trying to create an omni-channel presence, pay for social media ads and try to reach out to thousands of people they’ve never met, they falsely see this as what the big companies seem to be doing, so if it works for them, then it should work for us.

Think of how many advertisements do you see during the day? Online, on your phone, on TV, on billboards, in your email box… quite a lot right,? And what is your response to them?

If you do what everyone else does, you will get lost in the noise and spend most of your time managing your online social media platforms, rather than find new clients and building your business. In reality, the overwhelming number of offers of the same product or service pushes people to pick somebody they know. Somebody their friends know, someone they can trust to be there for them.

Instead of hiding behind your social media platforms and ad campaigns, connect with and talk to people, whether this be on social media platforms or WhatsApp. Be genuine in your interest to them and your desire to help. It’s proven by practice that the biggest orders are given to people who build good business relationships with their potential customers and maintain regular interaction.

So how can we help you to grow your business? Contact us to find out.